Technical Data:

Receiving Range: FM/VHF/UHF
Frequency (VHF): 40~300MHz

Frequency (UHF): 400-890 MHz

VHF Gain: 28~32 dB
UHF Gain: 32~36 dB
Max Output Level: 105dBuV
Impedance: 75 ohms

Max Rotation: 360 degrees

Rotating Speed: 4-6 rounds/min
Power: 3W
Input A/C: 120V/60Hz

Included in Package:

Main Unit
Motor Rotor and Main Pole Column
3' RG6 Cable

G3 Control Box

Remote Control

Power Supply

When You Want those Hard-to-Get Stations

Do you live off the beaten path? Are you trying to receive reception in an area where direction matters? The LAVA HD-2605 design features 5 aggregated U-Frequency vibrator receptors providing a 10% more dB gain in both VHF and UHF reception. With an average of 3dBs more in signal gain, the HD-2605 is your best shot at receiving those harder-to-get channels.  

When Direction Matters

Are you trying to receive reception in an area where direction matters? The Ultra 4K Rotor-Directional series features a 360-degree rotor motor, allowing you to aim and receive crystal clear reception at the specific angle you need. Just control the HD-2605 from your remote or control box and get the reception you need. 

What's your DTV Reception?

When it comes to a better TV signal, remember It's NOT the Miles... it's the Strength of Signal in your area. Regardless of antenna maker, each area is different and what determines one's ability to receive any channel are as follow...

1) The transmitter's signal strength (how much power is the station transmitting). The more power, the further it can possibly travel
2) The Path needed for the signal to reach you, (is it over flat land, valleys, hills or mountain ranges, and surrounding building and such).
3) Is it a VHF 2-13 channels or is UHF 18-69 channels?
4) The type of antenna, (is it passive or amplified, used indoor or outdoor)
5) How high off the ground will the antenna be, usually the HIGHER the BETTER!
6) The length of the cable, try to stay at 30-60ft, the longer the cable the more signal strength you'll lose.

How do I install?

Installing the LAVA Omnipro HD-2605 antenna is quick and easy! Click on the button to find out how:


Looking for more information and specs on the LAVA HDTV Omnipro HD-2605 Antenna?

The main difference between the two comes down to the dB Gain based on design with the LAVA HD-2605 having a 10% more dB gain in both VHF & UHF reception, that's an average of 3dBs more in signal gain than the LAVA HD-2805 and in some areas that may make a difference in getting those difficult stations.

Both have the same;
-Rotor Motor
-Control Box
-Remote control
-Cables & Bonuses

The antenna's "Top Hat" portion of the LAVA HD-2805 just unfolds, the LAVA HD-2605 is screwed together, but for those that need every bit of dB Gain, it's worth the extra time. The LAVA HD-2605 is better for further out in the country stations if proper signal strength exists (not for the city with very strong signal, go with the HD-2805).

If you are in the city or area with strong signal of 25dB+ for the majority of the channels you want to watch, go with the LAVA HD-2805.  If dB signal is 5-30 for the majority of the channels you want to watch go with the LAVA HD-2605.

Adjustable gain control

Far range, parabolic focusing reception

Remote controllerable from inside your home or RV

Built-in high gain and low noise pre-amplifer with surge protection

Remote controlled 360 degree wide rotation

For both analog and digital TV signal reception

HDTV specialized compatibility with various digital terrestrial signal formats (DVB-T, ISDB-T, DMB-T/H, ATSC)

Superior outdoor 360 degree reception, mount nearly anywhere!  

Compatible with all your favorite network stations: