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Thanks for a great item and Excellent Service!  The antenna does a fine job of restoring the local channels lost by Cable Service cutbacks....  The Adjustable Gain feature changed reception levels from the 50's to the high 60 to low 70 range - allowing stable picture reception.  The J-Pole combination offer provided a great asset for mounting flexibility and stability of the rotating antenna assembly. Your Shipping Department deserves a "Thanks for a Job Well Done" for a carefully packed combination of Antenna Kit and J-Pole with both cartons intact.Best regards.

- A.R. Akron, OH

I have got to say this was one of the easiest set ups I have completed.  The instructions were dead on, and you under promised and over delivered on the amount of channels received.  On your website in our area it indicated that we would receive 16 strong signals with another 5 maybe’s.  We have over 30+ free clear signals and the reception on our HDTV rivals the cable service.  Thanks so much, great product!

- B. H. Lititz, PA 

Just wanted to let you know that the antenna works great. Have it on a pole temporarily in my yard and it already picks up locals. Installing on the roof this weekend and I know I will get many more channels. Thanks.

- F. M. Orlando, FL

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This is the second Lava HD8008 antenna I purchased. Works good!

Worked well, would buy again.

Works great so we bought another one for the cabin. Thanks a lot A+++

Very fast service! The antenna kit was complete, easy to install, works GREAT!!

I love this antenna, It's worked great for me, many thanks.

Thank you! I have a very good signal with my new antenna LAVA HD2605.

I'm in the country works excellent better than expected!!!

Very happy repeat customer! Hope to do business again!!!

Definitely recommend! Sent fast, as described, lots of channels. Thank you!! A++

Works like a champ!!! Thanks a lot!

Would consider buying from seller again. Reception in rural area is excellent.

Best I've ever used, so I got another. Thank you!

This is a SUPER SELLER. Thank you for everything. Best communication yet.

Great seller! Thank you! My second purchase as good as the first!

Picks up many HD channels. Excellent picture. Just like advertised.

Works Great. I am 45 miles out and all channels come in great.

2nd system I've purchased, very happy with the 1st one, use it on a camper.

System works great, drives 3 TVs and a FM tuner. THANKS

Thank you! This is my 3rd install and they work great way out here in the country!

Great to Deal With Thanks! -Tom's Cycle And Salvage

Got it up & running, works great. I'll be back. Very satisfied, Thanks.

Delivery was quick. Works great and I will recommend to my family and friends.

I have tried a lot of antenna's and I prefer this one the best.

OMG - WOW! I went from 22 to 41 stations!

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