Technical Data:

Receiving Range: FM/VHF/UHF
Antenna Gain: VHF - 28dB, UHF - 32dB
Max Output Level: 105dBuV
Impedance: 75 ohms
Power Supply: DC 12V 50mA output

Included in Package:

Antenna main unit with mounting accessories
Power adaptor
Power insert
Waterproof kit

When a Small Footprint is Crucial

Do your HOA or apartment rules require a small antenna profile? Then the compact 12" disk design of the HD-8000 antenna is best for you. Enjoy 360-Degree reception while keeping your antenna footprint from being the focal point of your outside decor.

You Want Effortless Omni-Reception

The 360-Degree reception of the Omnipro antenna provides effortless reception that maximizes your "Green and Yellow" Channels. Click on the "What's your Reception" tab above to find what "Green and Yellow" channels your location catches best!

What's your DTV Reception?

When it comes to a better TV signal, remember It's NOT the Miles... it's the Strength of Signal in your area. Regardless of antenna maker, each area is different and what determines one's ability to receive any channel are as follow...

1) The transmitter's signal strength (how much power is the station transmitting). The more power, the further it can possibly travel
2) The Path needed for the signal to reach you, (is it over flat land, valleys, hills or mountain ranges, and surrounding building and such).
3) Is it a VHF 2-13 channels or is UHF 18-69 channels?
4) The type of antenna, (is it passive or amplified, used indoor or outdoor)
5) How high off the ground will the antenna be, usually the HIGHER the BETTER!
6) The length of the cable, try to stay at 30-60ft, the longer the cable the more signal strength you'll lose.

How do I install?

Installing the LAVA Omnipro HD-8000 antenna is quick and easy! Click on the button to find out how:


Looking for more information and specs on the LAVA HDTV Omnipro HD-8000 Antenna?

First most importantly, in exchange for the convenience of 360-Degree reception, the Omni-Pro antenna works best with "Green & Yellow" channels.  They both pretty much have the same Power Gain to boost any caught signals, the HD-8000 is a compact 12" disk, perfect for those that need to comply with H.O.A. or apartment rules requiring a small antenna profile and are in a Good/Strong signal area. 

The HD-8008 is 34" wide because of it's wings that help to catch true VHF (2-13) channels better than the HD-8000 to then boost those VHF signals, (90% of channels are now transmitted in UHF, and some channels 2-13 are actually transmitted in UHF 18-69, but kept their original Call # number after the digital change-over in 2009 for convenience).  If a small antenna footprint is not a concern, I would go with the HD-8008 just in case you have harder to reach VHF channels.

Anti-UV coating and waterproof design

Lightweight, compact size and easy to install

For both analog and digital TV signal reception

Built-in high gain and low noise pre-amplifer

Omni-Directional charactertics provide excellent non-adjustments reception in different directions

Dipole built in for excellent UHF and VHF band signal reception

HDTV specialized compatibility with various digital terrestrial signal formats (DVB-T, ISDB-T, DMB-T/H, ATSC)

Superior outdoor 360 degree reception, mount nearly anywhere!  

Compatible with all your favorite network stations: