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Ultra 4K HD-2805

Superior reception from our Rotor-Directional Ultra 4k series. See what makes the HD-2805 perfect for catching those hard-to-spot stations.

Ultra 4K HD-2605

With a sturdy frame and 5 aggregated U-Frequency vibrator receptors, the HD-2605 Ultra 4K allows amazing reception in both the city and out in the country.

Wondering Which Antenna is Best for You?

Geographic location, directional facing within the home, HOA limitations....a lot can define which antenna is best for you. Click on the button below to look up your local area reception and find out which LAVA antenna is best for you!

Omnipro Series HD-8000

Effortless reception mixed with one of the smallest antenna footprints on the market. Learn what makes the HD-8000 a must-have for better reception.

Omnipro Series HD-8000

With a 36" wingspan and omnidirectional reception, see what makes the HD-8008 perfect for watching your prime stations.

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